Spoiler alert – this week I give away freebies! This week has been very quiet on the ‘gamified vs. non-gamified Moodle course experiment‘ front, as my students were off-timetable for a whole-school Inter-Disciplinary Unit for most of the week. I have been asked a few times to share my entire course for others to download, but I won’t be able to do that, mainly for copyright reasons. Instead I have decided to share individual resources & activities that you can use in your Moodle 2.x course (2.1 or above), namely a question bank, quizzes, a lesson and a database template.

Scratch 1.4 question bank for Moodle

I have created a 120 question bank to test my students’ knowledge of the Scratch 1.4 blocks. I have not used the scores to inform a student’s ‘level’ but I have noticed that students are now using blocks they would have stayed away from in the past. Use this question bank to produce your own quizzes.

Scratch 1.4 Moodle question bank

Download link

Warning – Right-click on the link and ‘save as’

Scratch 1.4 quizzes for Moodle

You can use some of the quizzes that I have created using the Moodle question bank mentioned above. They are arranged by level of difficulty, and are aimed at 12 year olds with little experience of Scratch. Most students have been able to complete up to ★★★, but it is worth noting that none of the quizzes seem to have really stretched my high achieving students.

SampleLevelDownload links
1 star Scratch 1.4 Moodle quizDownload link
2 star Scratch 1.4 Moodle quiz★★Download link
3 star Scratch 1.4 Moodle quiz★★★Download link
4 star Scratch 1.4 Moodle quiz★★★★Download link
5 star Scratch 1.4 Moodle quiz★★★★★Download link
1 white star Scratch 1.4 Moodle quizDownload link
2 white star Scratch 1.4 Moodle quiz☆☆Download link
3 white star Scratch 1.4 Moodle quiz☆☆☆Download link

Click here to learn how to import these Scratch 1.4 quizzes into your own Moodle.

Scratch ‘lesson’

This activity is a very simple use of the ‘lesson’ module. There is no questioning involved, simply a series of links to great Scratch 1.4 tutorials, organised by level of proficiency. The ‘book’ module would have probably been better for this, but I don’t have it installed on my (old now) Moodle 2.2 version.

Scratch 1.4 Moodle lesson

Download link

Click here to learn how to import this Scratch 1.4 lesson into your own Moodle.

Scratch creations sharing database

My students were encouraged to share their Scratch creations once they were satisfied with the outcome. Others were then encouraged to download the file, rate it, offer a helpful comment, fix bug or add functionality to the program and re-upload it. This has been a successful activity and one that I highly recommend other teachers to try out. Note that it is worth spending the time discussing with the class what constitutes a useful comment. I have used the fantastic ‘book review’ preset found here.Moodle database template

Download link

Click here to learn how to import this Scratch creations sharing database into your own Moodle. Click here to learn more about Moodle database templates.

Enjoy! All of the resources on this page are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Do feel free to re-upload remixes using the comments section below. Contact me using the ‘contact form’ at the left of this screen should you have issues with posting links to the comments section. 

Here is my first 20 question mini French question bank. There are only 20 questions. The first 10 questions need you to have the drag-and-drop ordering question type installed. Warning, this does NOT come standard with Moodle.

To be honest, this is a test for me as I want to see whether other folks can actually use my questions in their own Moodle. If I get good feedback then I’ll post more as I have a fair few lying around, which I am happy to share. I’ll try and find a way to share the ones that contain audio, though it looks tricky!

Please use it, re-use it, share it, do whatever you want with it – just don’t sell it. It is under Creative Commons license, check the terms here.