How do I prevent students from being able to request courses?

Prevent students from requesting Moodle courses

Moodle for admins

You have learnt how to allow users to request for courses to be created. However, all users are able to request courses, including students and that can be a problem in some settings. This short tutorial will show you how to prevent some users from being able to request courses.

This tutorial works with Moodle 2.0.x, Moodle 2.1.x, Moodle 2.2.x

Step 1 – Login as an administrator


You know you are logged in as an administrator as the ‘Site administration’ link is availble in the ‘Settings’ block. It is a good idea to have separate accounts for teaching & administration purposes.

Step 2 – Settings > Users > Permissions > Define roles


Find the ‘Authenticated user’ role. To be safe, you could duplicate this role so that you do not lose any ‘core’ settings. I must warn you that you might mess things up a little so you might want to duplicate, just to be on the safe side. You have been warned!

Step 3 – Modify the ‘Authenticated users’ role


Moodle comes with a pre-defined set of actions that certain users can perform. This is the place where you can modify the actions users can perform. Admins are allowed to do everything, teachers a little less, students a little less and ‘authenticated users’ even less. What is funny about this system is the precedence. For example, if an authenticated user is allowed to ‘Request a new course’, then so are students by default, as they take precedence over authenticated users. Confused? Doesn’t matter, just follow the steps below.
Click on ‘Edit’ to be able to modify the presets. If you haven’t yet, please click on ‘Duplicate role’ just to be sure.

Step 4 – Look for the word ‘request’


Using Ctrl F (or Command F on a Mac), find the word ‘request’ on the page. It is somewhere near the top of the page

Step 5 – Untick ‘Allow’


Make sure you untick the ‘Allow’ box for the ‘Request new courses’ capability. As this action is not set for the ‘Student’ role, whatever we have set it to for the ‘Authenticated user’ role will cascade to the student role.

Step 6 – Save changes


Make sure you save the changes and you are good to go. You should login as a student just to make sure that it works as expected (there might be some roles in your system that you have forgotten about and that interfere with this).


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