Need to upload bogus users quickly to Moodle? Download this!

[pulledquote]I am heavily testing Moodle 2 to see whether it is suitable for our needs. I often reset my Moodle 2 sandbox to its original state and therefore need to re-upload users for every refresh.[/pulledquote] While there are some tools to generate users, I prefer to have a CSV file at the ready to not add any more time than I need to an already boring task. I created a Moodle user CSV file that contains about 110 bogus people and quite a few fields already completed.

Moodle user CSV file is here, please feel free to download it and use it.

For those curious to know how I did it, I used this website to create the names, this one to generate the street addresses, ISO codes from Wikipedia, city names mainly from here, and a healthy dose of functions in Excel.

As far as I know, this also works with Moodle 1.9+ but have not tested with earlier versions. Please drop a comment if it works with an earlier version that you are currently running.


  1. Frederic, What are you at right now? I wonder if you are still working with Moodle and updating this page. I’m a Moodle developer and I’d be happy to contribute with the things I have built so far and knowledge.

    I look forward for your response.

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