Free Moodle question bank – Parts of speech – verbs (French)

Here is my first 20 question mini French question bank. There are only 20 questions. The first 10 questions need you to have the drag-and-drop ordering question type installed. Warning, this does NOT come standard with Moodle.

To be honest, this is a test for me as I want to see whether other folks can actually use my questions in their own Moodle. If I get good feedback then I’ll post more as I have a fair few lying around, which I am happy to share. I’ll try and find a way to share the ones that contain audio, though it looks tricky!

Please use it, re-use it, share it, do whatever you want with it – just don’t sell it. It is under Creative Commons license, check the terms here.


  1. Hi !
    I need to create a question bank, but with questions added by my own students.

    My students have to add at least five questions to a question bank in order to prepare their own exam.

    How can i do that with Moodle. I know how to create as a teacher, but….

    Thanks !

  2. Hi!
    I just happened by your blog today – and loved it! Thank you for all the tips! I am also a moodler, an English teacher living and teaching at an American school in Turkey. Here in Turkey Moodle is (slowly) gaining popularity among the private schools, but is still largely unknown in the public sector. I find inspiration and help online. Right now I’m trying to learn how to use some of the (free) content creator software out there. I am also interested in learning about good (preferrably tried and tested) plugins to add to my Moodle.
    Cheers! Karin

    1. Hi Karin,
      Thank you ver much for your comment, I am glad that you find my blog useful. I have heard that Moodle, and online/blended learning is off to a slow start in some places. I’m confident that people like yourself will change things 🙂
      Good luck with your Moodling 🙂

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