Make your own crossword in Moodle

Example of a crossword

In a recent survey I conducted, most of my younger students complained that Moodle is not ‘fun’ enough and that they would like to see more use of educational games. I have already discussed and quickly reviewed the ‘Game’ module but today I’d like to focus on the ‘Crossword’ component of the module.

Example of a crossword

Example of a crossword

Here is a video showing you the crossword in action

I have found the crossword to be versatile and have used it for the following:

  • Vocabulary learning & revision
    • Very useful for exam groups in subjects where a lot of topic specific vocabulary is used, spelling tests etc.
  • As a ‘fill in the gap’ activity
    • A    – – – – – – – cannot change its spots
  • As a ‘synonym’ activity
    • I am a synonym for the word famished: – – – – – – –
  • As an ‘antonym’ activity
    • I am an antonym for the word hungry: – – – – – – – –
  • As a research activity/quiz
    • I am the capital city of Vietnam: – – – – –
  • As a means to test my students’ knowledge on a topic
    • A different take on a test, which appeals to some students, but not all

For the activities in blue, make sure you use a ‘hidden’ glossary so that students cannot see the answers.

I love the fact that the grades can be stored in the gradebook automatically. It provides me with an extra tool to monitor my students’ progress and make sure that the activities are completed.

Students between 11 and 18 years old at my current school really enjoy using the crossword and I have found that it has helped my less able students learn and retain vocabulary. This is probably due to the fact that they can try as many times as they want, until they get ‘100%’, but I have no way to be sure of that.

Please feel free to add your own ideas to this post by commenting. I will add your ideas to the body of the post and link to your blog/Twitter/Facebook if you send a link. You can also have a stab at answering the examples above 😉


  1. Hi!
    I’m using Hot Potatoes to create game-like quizzes and crossword puzzles in Moodle. Do you do that as well? How do they compare? I am trying to decide whether or not to instal the game plugin. Perhaps you can help me decide?
    Love your blog btw!

    1. Hi Karin,
      Thanks for your comment and your kind words.
      I have used HotPotatoes in the past and I think it is a very good way to start using Moodle as it is very tightly integrated with it. I used it more heavily when I was using languages and I have gone off it a bit, not that I don’t like it but I just got out of the habit I guess.
      For my particular use of Moodle, I find the game module more useful as I already have large glossaries and question banks that I can tap into. This means that it only takes me a couple of minutes to create crosswords using the game module. I guess if you do not already have glossaries and question banks, then it would probably take the same amount of time using HotPotatoes.
      I think both are great and I would recommend you to try out the game module, it is very easy to install and the learning curve is not too steep.
      Happy Moodling,

      BTW, I have visited your blog and I really like it, plenty of really useful stuff on there 🙂

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